The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes
Having completed the full CG teaser and main title animation for both trailers, Lionsgate further entrusted the Deva team
with creating a comprehensive end title animation for the film. This fourteen-second sequence vividly captures the iconic battle of the antagonists, 
emphasizing their elegant yet energetic movement amplified by dynamic particles.​​​​​​​
All work created at Devastudios​​​​​​​
Layering up nine different Houdini and Cinema4d particle systems, lighting and shading using Redshift, tweaking every gleam on the main title, 
and finally compositing all the elements in the ACES color pipeline made this project one of my absolute favorites. 

Special thanks to Creative Director Suppasak Viboonlarp, who gave me boundless creative liberty and trust 
throughout the entirety of the franchise’s marketing journey.
Design & Animation: Julian Loscher - Josh Smiertka - Stephen Stecina
FX: Julian Loscher
Creative Director: Suppasak Viboonlarp
Executive Producer: John Busenberg