Black Adam - End Titles
The team at Deva was tasked with designing the end titles for this DC blockbuster 
and I had the pleasure of contributing four chapters to this epic, nearly three minute long sequence:

Hawkman  –  Cyclone  –  Atom Smasher  –  Black Adam

Each chapter is seeped in a character’s signature color palette, with unique geometric patterns sweeping across the surfaces.
Watch the full title sequence here
All work created at DevaStudios
Design/Animation: Tyler Hicks - Julian Loscher - Josh Smiertka 
Francisco Sánchez de Cañete - Loren McNames
Rigging: Stephen Stecina
Creative Director: Ben O’Meara
Executive Producer: John Busenberg
Producer: Hailey Jarvis
Editorial: Micky Tsang